Uponor plays an important role in everyday lives by providing innovative heating and plumbing solutions to enrich people's way of life. People throughout the world benefit from our products and systems, which are installed in their homes as well as the commercial and industrial buildings where they work and visit.

Partnering with many professionals, we are all in pursuit of delivering better human environments. Whether our partners specify, distribute, market, install or use our products and systems, we attribute our success to our close relationships with them. And, they, along with consumers, choose Uponor because of the many things that only we can offer: improving operational effectiveness and meeting the demands of even the most complex projects through our commitment, wide-range of knowledge expertise and progressive systems development.

We are able to provide all this because of our strong relationships and collaboration with our customers. People receive a little something extra, things that they may not even notice when all is going well. We offer more products, more service, more training, more technical capabilities, and a partnership that is rewarding to all.


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